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featured project of the month

This historic Irvington home owner had a tiny kitchen and formal dining room to work with. The home owner loves to cook and waited years to make her dream kitchen/dining area come true. The planning process included additional updates throughout the house with more to come. The home owner was heavily involved in every aspect of the planning and design.

The kitchen and dining area is now fully open and custom cabinetry takes advantage of every inch of space. A small powder room and front hall closet were added. Windows replaced and new furnishings brought in. Upstairs remodel incorporates a new master bath and walk in closet. 

While this project is not yet complete, the homeowner and her large family thoroughly enjoy the space.  She was thoughtful and careful about her priorities. This is a perfect case example for "Slow" Design; living in a space long enough to understand your needs and designing over time.

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