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featured project of the month

Maywood Park is a Portland neighborhood boasting large-growth firs and homes built in the 1940's. These homeowners wanted to bring their sweet home into the 21st century with modern and simple updates for their growing family. What began as a transitional kitchen eventually transitioned into a "Japandi" kitchen! The home owner liked many styles and we're all very happy with the final results.

The kitchen offers a complete new wall of storage and completely custom cabinetry. A new table will be brought in to compliment the built in storage seating. An island was added for more prep space while the footprint remains the same. Modern tile flooring complete the aesthetic.

The main floor bathroom was tiny and cramped for this family of four. The shower was closed in behind full walls with only a tiny entry. By moving one wall, and using. custom cabinetry again, we were able to open up the space and create a very functional and beautiful space. 

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